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Department of Electronics and Information   


1. Electronic Engineering: Training with the electronic technology and information systems research, design, manufacture, application and development ability, and has strong knowledge and a wide range of scientific ability to adapt to the engineering and technical personnel.
Main courses: circuit analysis, computer network, analog and digital circuit, signals and systems, digital signal processing, computer and single chip microcomputer, communication principle, high-end television, integrated circuit design, electronic CAD, sensor and measurement etc.

2.  Communication Engineering
Study of signal generation, signal transmission, signal switching and processing, as well as in computer communications, digital communications, satellite communications, optical fiber communications, multimedia technology, program-controlled exchange theory and engineering application. Students can be engaged in the research, design, manufacture, operation.
Main courses: analog circuit, digital circuit, communication network, the high frequency circuit, signals and systems, mobile communication, digital signal processing, communications theory, modern communication technology and system, satellite communications, program-controlled exchange, fiber optic communication circuit analysis.